SHUJAN-human chain: Demanding to protect sundarban

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Untitled 1Human chain demanding protection for sundarban arranged by SHUJAN-Citizens for Good Governance, Bagherhat district committee was held at 4 PM on 13 December 2014 at Mithapukurpar, sadar, Bagherhat highlighting the slogan –save sundarban, save country, save environment . Dr. Badiul Alam Majumdar, Central Secretary, SHUJAN, Professor Mozaffar Hossain, Presedent, SHUJAN-Bagherhat District Committee, Dilip Kumar Sarkar, Central Coordiantor, SHUJAN, Mrs. Farida Begum, President, Bangladesh Mohila Parishad, Bagherhat District Committee, Advocate Parveen Ahmeed Vice-Chairman, Bagherhat Upazila Parishad and Joining Secretary, District committee, SHUJAN, Professor Amirul Alam, prominent scholar, and Sheikh Asad, Vice president, SHUJAN, Bagherhat District committee participated in the human chain. Besides them, people from all sectors participated in the human chain showing their solidarity.


Participants in the human chain showed their affright for massive disaster of sundarban due to sinking of ship with about three and half lac liters of fuel oil on 9 December 2014. They told that bio-diversity of this area can fall in danger due to this accident. They also made comment that Eraboti dolphin from the sanctuary has already migrated. At the same time the speakers urged government to take immediate initiatives to hoard this area from this massive disaster.

Dr. Badiul Alam Majumdar mentioned in his speech that southern part will not be saved, if sundarban is not saved, if so, Bangladesh will not be saved. So, sundarban must be saved from disaster at any cost.


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