District Conference of SHUJAN Held in Moulovibazar

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moulovibazar_shujan_progThe Conference of Moulovibazar district committee of SHUJAN-Citizens for Good Governance was held on 27 November 2014, with remarks by chief guest and secretary of the Central Committee, Dr. Badiul Alam Majumdar, and special guest and central coordinator Dilip Kumar Sarkar. Besides leaders and followers from the Moulovibazar district, different Upazila and union committees and invited representatives from various sectors in the Sadar district were also present. In total, more than two hundred and fifty participants attended the inaugural session. The District Committee consisted of twenty-nine members formed through council after the inaugural session.

Inaugural Session

The inaugural session of the district conference was well receoved with the national anthem performed by Bangladesh Udichi Cultural group. A popular and patriotic song, “Dhano Dhanya Pushpo Vora,” composed by Dwijendralal Ray, was performed after the national anthem.

Honor the Chair

Dr. Sadik Ahmad, president of the Moulovibazar SHUJAN Committee presided over the inaugural session. Chief guest Dr. Badiul Alam Majumdar, special guest Dilip Kumar Sarkar, Senior Vice President of the District Committee and Advocate M. Yahya Muzahid, Vice President Iqubal Hossain, Mr. Niharendu Bhatacharch, and Secretary of the District Committee Jahorlal Dutta, honored the chair.

Obituary Proposal and Minute of Silence

The obituary proposal for leaders of various sectors of district levels, including central leaders of SHUJAN who passed away, was decided with a view to commit them to memory and a minute of silence was observed to honor them between the first and second session of the conference. Mr. Abu Reza Siddique Imon proposed the obituary proposal.

Welcome Speech and Organizational Report

Secretary of the District Committee Jahorlal Dutta welcomed all the participants in his introductory speech at the onset of the conference and presented the organizational report. He sought help from all, including describing the day’s activities, in his welcome speech. He presented detailed information from the first conference and leading up to the initial activities in Moulovibazar and also touched upon future plans for the conference.

Speech of Distinguished Guests

Secretary of the Central Committee, Dr. Badiul Alam Majumdar, presented his speech as chief guest of the conference. He stated that SHUJAN is working with a view to establish democracy, development, and good governance in the country. Presently, the base of democracy in the country is feeble. Though elections are considered the first step of democracy, it is at the door of a wreck. In regard to the last election held on 5 January, he recounted that this election was voter-less and essentially fraud. People’s opinions were not reflected in this election. Provisions of an autocratic government are on the way. Endeavors to protect the voices of the aware population through introduction of various laws and orders, including the 15th and 16th amendments of the constitution, are in practice. Inclusive elections alone are not enough to get relief from this situation, but also conciliation among the political parties is needed for sustainable solutions for political crises. Central Coordinator of SHUJAN, Dilip Kumar Sarkar, briefly presented  an introduction of SHUJAN in his speech. He presented the emergence of SHUJAN goals and objectives; accomplished activities in various time; remarkable achievements; attitude of political parties specially acting power government towards SHUJAN; past, present and future challenges; presently executing activities; and a near future plan etc., in his speech.

Besides chief and special guests, freedom fighter and leader of aborigines people Ananda Mohon Sinha, the leader of tea workers Porimol Shil Barek, representative of Prothom Alo Moulovibazar Akmol Hossain Nipu, and members of the Amtoil Union, Sahela Begum and Ketaki Ronjan Bhattachharja,  gave their speeches on behalf of civil society.

Speech of SHUJAN Leaders

Among the SHUJAN leaders, Advocate Yahya Muzahid, Mr. Iqubal Hossain, Vice President of Moulovibazar District Committee Mr. Niharendu, President of the Komolgonj Upazila Committee Mr. Mohammad Hossain Kuti, President of the Kuraura Upazila Committee Mr. Motiur Rahman, President of the Moulovibazar Sadar Committee Mr. Nirmolkanti Dhar, Secretary of the Kulaura Upazila Committee Mr. Badrul Hossain, Secretary of the Sremongol Upazila Mr. Kawsar Iqubal, et al. delivered speeches. In addition, Mr. Abdul Jalil, Mr. Subroto Kumar Singh, Mr. Nasir Khan, Mr. Jahngir Hossain, Mr Fakrul Hossain, Mr Seetaram Ghos and Mrs. Suborna Rani Biswash spoke as well.

Declaration of the End of Inaugural Session

Chair of the Conference and President of Moulovibazar Zila Committee, Sadik Ahmad, declared the end of the conference by giving thanks and expressing gratitude to all the participants, including guests after the inaugural session.

Formation of District Committee

The District Committee consisting of twenty-nine members, proposed by subject committee, was unanimously accepted in the council. Dr. Sadik Ahmad and Joharlal Dutta, president and secretary of the earlier committee, were elected for the same position respectively.


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