Press Conference to disseminate the findings of analysis of the UPZ chairman candidates’ antecedents

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3rd Phase of Upazila polls 2014
P_conf_3rd phase10th March, 2014: Half  (50.44 percent) of chairman candidates in the third phase of the upazila elections are either graduates or postgraduates, while 20 percent having educational qualification below the SSC. Besides, the profession of 52.42 percent candidates is business, while that of 19.34 percent agriculture.

The third phase election in 83 upazila parishads will be held on March 15.
SHUJAN-Citizens for Good Governance is working on good governance, came up with the statistics at a press conference at Dhaka Reporters Unity (DRU) on Monday.

Presenting the keynote paper, co-coordinator of SHUJAN Sanjida Haque Bipasha said that they found the statistics analyzing the affidavits of 393 chairman candidates out of 432 in the 83 upazilas.

She said that the affidavits of other chairman candidates could not be analyzed as some were found ambiguous, while some others were not available in the EC’s website.

Of the 393 candidates, the educational qualification of 78 is blow the SSC, while 53 completed SSC, 48 passed HSC, 137 completed graduation and 73 post-graduation. Four others did not mention their academic qualification in their affidavits.

Among the contenders, 16 are currently accused of murder cases while 27 were accused of murder cases in the past. Now a total of 118 contenders are accused of various cases.

Five candidates have wealth, including the wealth of dependents, worth more than Tk five crore each, while 45 others over Tk. one crore each.

The annual income of two candidates is more than one crore each, while that of 121 is less than Tk two lakh.

Among the candidates, 206 are businessmen, while 76 are farmers, 39 service-holders, 23 lawyers, five housewives, 18 of other professions, and the professions of 26 were not mentioned.

Addressing the press conference, Sujan secretary Dr Badiul Alam Majumder alleged that the present government did not live up to its pledges as it failed to make the wealth statements of ministers and MPs public.

“The incumbent government pledged in their charter of change to reveal the wealth statements of the ruling party men twice. But unfortunately it (the promise) has not been kept,” he said.

Criticizing Syed Ashraful Islam who termed affidavits as character assassination of politicians, Dr. Badiul Alam Majumdar  said, “If we retreat from the mandatory provision of providing the affidavit, it will be tantamount to our self-surrender to political criminalization.” SHUJAN secretary also criticized political influence on the ongoing countrywide upazila election saying that it is a non-partisan local government election.


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